Around the World in Eighty Books

In which I read and reflect on eighty books from around the world.

Hi there!

Hello! Let me introduce myself. I write under the name Liana Pentandra, and this is the first post in my new blog. Welcome!

What shall I blog about? I intend to read eighty books from around the world and blog about one per week.

How did I come up with this idea for a blog? I was on the Metro coming home from work, which is enjoyable but does include many opportunities for writing, when after a series of daydreams the thought popped into my head (it made that sound too – pop!) that I would like to read books from around the world and write about them. I have been thinking for a long time of something to blog about, and this naturally combines my desire to learn more about other cultures with my passion for reading and writing.

At first, I wasn’t sure how to choose the books I’d write about. But then I came up with the name for this blog, with the intention of first reading the original, Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne, to see what I was getting into. This whimsical novel charts the course of one Brit, Phileas Fogg, who bets his whist buddies that he can traverse the entire Earth in just eighty days, and SPOILER ALERT………… he does it! Amazing! The book was written and takes place in the late 1800s, so if you keep the imperialistic attitudes and odd turns of phrase in perspective with the time period, it is nevertheless a charming story about one man’s fortitude in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

I like to think that I am beginning a similar journey, though literary in nature. I am wont to read just about anything, but I have a particular taste for fiction, which is primarily what I’ll be blogging about.  I’m willing to do extra research into an author or country when necessary, but I will mostly just write about one book at a time. Don’t expect some New York Times book review type deal, this is more like a casual book club discussion among friends. I encourage reader comments and feedback! Don’t let me be the only member of this book club who’s talking.

I aim to read eighty books from approximately eighty different countries. However, they will not all be full books (i.e. my first reflection will be about a short story). I hope to hit all the countries that Verne mentions in his book, and I will let you know as I get to them which ones they are. Just as Fogg begins his journey from home, which for him was England, I will start with a story by an American author. I will make the first post on Halloween, or Wednesday, October 31.  ooOOOOOOOoooo *spooky fingers* It pleases me that quite by accident I chose a very fitting story; it’s perfectly ghoulish.


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